Corporate Profile

Company profile for exhaust gas treatment

Name of company Yotsuba Air Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Established August 1, 1973
Capital 80,000,000 JPY
Representative President Masaru Kambe
Address Main office & factory:Tobu Industrial Park, 2-15-8 Akahori, Okegawa City,Saitama Prefecture, Japan [Map] Telephone (Main office& factory) 048-728-4439 Sales Division 048-728-4100 FAX 048-729-2400
Line of business Manufacturing and sales of FLB type rotary blowers Manufacturing and sales of VP and VMP type Roots-type dry vacuum pumps Manufacturing and sales of high-temperature/high-pressure rotary blowers
Bank Saitamaken Shinkin Bank Okegawa Branch, Misashino Bank Okegawa Branch, Mizuho BankUrawa-Chuo Branch


August,1973 Began as a specialized manufacturer of rotary blowers in Urawa City, SaitamaPrefecture.
July,1982 Successfully manufactured and delivered the high-temperature and high-pressure booster, the first as a rotary blower.
June, 1983 Signed a sales contract for rotary blowers with Ebara Corporation.
March,1984 Successfully manufactured and delivered the first Japanese-made gas circulation blower for fuel cell.
July, 1985 Launched the VP and VMP series of Roots-type dry vacuum pump.
September,1990 Successfully developed the stainless steel dry Roots-type dry vacuum pump and began its sales.
May, 1994 Developed and delivered a Roots-type dry vacuum pump with a gum metal rotor for explosion protection.
June, 1996 Developed and delivered a large vacuum pump for PSA (VP3-2501).
March, 1998 Relocated to the current address and began operation.
December,2005 Added a new company premise.
March,2009 Technology partnership with the company in Chongqing, China.