Specialist in Roots Vacuum Pump and Roots Blower in Japan
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Roots Vacuum Pump


The VP Type vacuum pumps manufactured by YKS (YOTSUBA Air Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd ) are multi-stage Roots-type dry vacuum pumps that adopt a unique cooling technique. YKS’ direct rotor cooling system has made it possible to realize shut-off operations with the Roots-type high-vacuum pump. It is a system of new techniques developed on the basis of the company’s original technologies.

Roots Blower

MRFLB1-300x225 YOTSUBA has long been directing its efforts to the research of Roots blowers for high-pressure gas circulation and force feeding, as well as the vacuum technology. Its technology has culminated in working out the 400°C high-temperature and high-pressure gas circulation Roots blowers, unprecedented in the world. These products have thus found a home at the top of engineering that pursues energy-saving and cost performance.


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